My Process

While each project and each client are unique, the process of designing can be broken down into three main categories: discovery, layout + style, and lastly design + launch.



This step is easily glossed over but is the most important for the success of the next two phases. We will to get to know each other while determining the personality and goals behind your company.


layout + style

Now that we are familiar with each other, I will take what I have learned from you to create the first design sketches. This is when we will choose colors, stock photography and clarify your brand style.


design + launch

This is it! All of the questions, image pinning and research will begin to fall into place. The design, layout and style will all work together to create our final project.


web design + Development

one page.png

Your Consumer Services

 PROJECT: Web Design

This company provides people caught in the tangled web of credit card, loan and student debt with a clear an effective method to free themselves. They are a resource that connects people with the right professionals to eliminate mountains of debt.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 1.52.30 PM.png

BlueLine Pro, INC.

PROJECT: Web Design + Logo

Alan is a retired police officer turned entrepreneur. He is applying the skills and experience he gained to enhance security for corporate and educational facilities in the greater California Bay Area.




A brand style board takes the guess work out of your future media choices and designs. You will use this board to create future marketing materials and stay on point with your brand.


Logo designs

The logo is the face of you company. It needs to be recognizable, familiar, and adaptable. A good logo will transfer from print, to web, to a vehicle wrap, and on to a shirt seamlessly.


Infographics + eBooks

Infographics and eBooks break down large amounts of information and data and make them easier to understand.

People are drawn to visual stimulation. Make a lasting impression on your next client by hiring a designer, like me, to create infographics, catalogues and eBooks for your business.