ALC is a one woman show. Founded in 2014.


Hey! I’m Ashley.

Talking about myself feels so foreign! But the fact of the matter is that when you contact ALC Marketing and Design Co, you will be talking to directly to me. I wear many hats. I am the bookkeeper, the marketing manager (which is so far out of my comfort zone), and the designer and developer.

I keep trudging on through the fun stuff and the not so fun stuff because I love this! I truly love turning a blank art board into a brand. Nothing feels better. It is truly my passion. It pulls me out of my fluffy comforter in the wee hours of the morning and keeps my brain turning when I should be falling asleep. I can not stay away!

I am a nerd for clean modern layouts and brand suites make me do the happy dance.

I am adamant about learning and I am always researching new trends in design, marketing, and website interactivity. It is ALWAYS changing and I find it fascinating. In addition to designing brand pieces and user friendly websites, I want to share what I have learned with you. I will be adding articles with helpful resources that you can use in your own small business.