The Formula behind a Perfect Pitch

The BIGGEST struggle that I have in running my own business is selling myself! If you call it insecurity, modesty, or a self-conscience attitude, you would be right. Pitching myself is not natural to me and if you are reading this post then you probably feel the same way!


I am working to overcome this hurdle by following a formula. By breaking down the perfect pitch into smaller pieces, I have made this painful task manageable.

Speak in your OWN voice

A phony voice is noticeable from miles away and will repulse the audience.

You need to make a connection with the person you are pitching too. All work and seriousness doesn’t feel real and is too easily forgotten.

Catch their attention

When I was in school writing one of the thousands of 5 paragraph essays that made up my primary school education, I remember my teacher saying that the first paragraph is the bait! Make it catchy.

If the first paragraph is a bore, most people will not read any farther. Be memorable and relatable.

Share your connection

We all want to feel recognized and important! Let the person you are pitching to know why you want to work with them.

Do your research and find a genuine connection that you can build on. Show that you really care about who they are and what they do.

Authentically make new connections.png

Extend an Invitation

Find a problem or need that they are having and explain how you can fill that void for them. Here it is very important that you have done your homework. If you are coming from a place of service, as Jenna Kutcher emphasizes in her podcast Goal Digger, then you can rest a little easier. Before you sell anything to anyone, offer a way to help. Be a friend not a door to door sales guy.

Highlight your Ability

Now the person knows they have a problem and has an idea of how to fix it. Why should they work with you to solve the problem? What makes you the best person for the job?

Create Credibility

This is the time to brag! Tell them who you are, why you are an expert, throw in the fanfare and big names. Use your statistics and awards. If you have a large number of followers, share that number. Share your website and talk up your skillset.

Give them all of the information they need to know about you! This will save them the time of researching you and remember that this section is your “resume on the run”, spend the time to write out how awesome you are because YOU ARE AWESOME!

Paint the Picture

What will work with you look like? Explain what the process will be like and what the timeframe will be.

Take the guesswork out of the equation by removing the awkward stuff out. What will you do for the person and what are you expecting them to do? When can you meet and how often will you need to interact. What will your interactions look like?

Be clear and specific!

Hungry for more resources on this topic? Try the Goal Digger podcast by Jenna Kutcher. I recommend episodes: 195 “11 Never-Shared Secrets to Pitching Yourself” and 031 “How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch”. And finally, check out Entrepreneur’s article “6 Steps to the Perfect Pitch” which goes over the nitty gritty of pitching to investors.